Lets make a robot boat! 

Sail-il is a group of engineering students from Tel-Aviv university, gathered together in order to build an automic boat-robot and represent
Tel-Aviv university in the Roboboat competition 2021 in Florida. 

Our team

Sail-il has establish  by Nadav Sholev and Shoval Ben-Shushan, both are at the final year of studies at Tel-Aviv University. Nadav and Shoval gather a team of students from various of study subjects to create the first autonomous boat in Israel.

Nadav Sholev

cofounder and captain

Shoval Ben-Shushan

cofounder and head of development 

People talk about SAIL-IL

Tel-Aviv university engineering magazine:

שוטי שוטי ספינתי האוטונומית


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